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Guided tours around vienna

wachau guide


Wine, water and culture describe this picturesque valley of the Danube, situated 80 km to the west of Vienna and listed as a "cultural heritage site" by the UNESCO. Here you still find old myths and legends, centuries old vineyards and authentic "heurigen" (= wine taverns).

Day-excursions to Krems, Dürnstein and the Benedictine monastery of Melk can be organized by boat, train and bicycle, or, of course, by bus.

vienna woods guide

Vienna Woods

This recreational area of the Viennese just celebrated its 1000th birthday and has been a protected nature reserve for over a 100 years.
Old ruins of castles and medieval monasteries, romantic villages and small charming towns invite you to excursions through this former imperial hunting ground.



This mundane summer retreat for the well-to-do at the end of the 19th century, 100 km to the south of Vienna, is even nowadays a great hiking area along the foothills of the Alps. The architecture of the hotels of that period and the impressive technical achievement of the rail road line across this mountain pass (a UNESCO cultural heritage monument) are not the only highlights of this, virtually intact landscape.

We offer both: day-excursions by bus or train and extensive hiking programs.



This region, situated to the south east of Vienna, is completely different from the rest of the country. Not even a 100 years ago it was still part of Hungary !
Today, Burgenland with its Neusiedlersee, one of the largest steppe lakes in Europe, is a fascinating region full of contrasts: romantic horse-drawn carriage rides and wine taverns next to a modern paradise for wind surfers; a bird reserve next to vineyards and walnut trees; splendid baroque palaces next to medieval church spires with stork nests ...

We will enchant you on our excursion through this unusual section of Austria!