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Graz guide

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Graz - Guides

Graz, cultural heritage site of the UNESCO is the 2nd largest city of Austria and capital of the green province of Styria.
Not only the historical centre around the main square and the omnipresent medieval bell tower on castle hill invite you to come and visit Graz, but also a multitude of modern architecture and curiosities, such as e.g. the island in the river Mur, the art centre, the glass elevator and a lively street culture.
The famous stud-farm of the Lipizzan horses and the interesting church of Bärnbach, decorated by the contemporary Austrian painter Hundertwasser, can also be visited on our day-trip to Graz (200km from Vienna).


Salzburg guide

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Salzburg - Guides

Salzburg, known as "the Rome north of the Alps", is a stone-made symbiosis of 1000 years of ecclesiastical power and secular wealth. Thanks to the musical genius of one of its sons, it has also become the centre of international music tourism.
Mozart chocolates, the Salzburg Festival and the "Sound of Music", just to mention 3 of its many landmarks, have made this charming city, at the foothills of the Alps and close to the border with Bavaria, famous all over the world.


Innsbruck guides

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Innsburck - Guides

Innsbruck, the highest provincial capital, situated in the Alps, was born as "bridge over the Inn river" and prospered as a trading town. It is a medieval gem, that has conserved its charm into the 21st century. This former imperial residence of the Habsburgs, that was host to 2 Olympic Winter Games, considers itself as link between Northern and Southern Europe and as a symbiosis of alpine tradition and a modern university town.
Since Innsbruck lies 500 km to the west of Vienna in the heart of the Alps, it can only be visited as part of a trip through Austria.