Stadtführerin Susanne

Welcome to Vienna!

My name is Manuela Maurer and I was born and raised in Vienna. I am working in Vienna as a local guide since about 15 years. In my private time I like to travel in different parts all over the world, what I am doing every year still at least for 6 weeks to Asia, South America, ...

I have a very open minded way of guiding not only talking about boring dates and facts but I will tell you also about modern Vienna, which is again number one on the Mercer List as city with the best living quality in the world! I can be your private guide in Vienna, only for your group with an individual program.

Classical city tour by bus

perfect to give you an overview of this beautiful city
We drive along the 150 years old " Ringstreet" with our most famous buildings like the Vienna State Opera, the City Hall, the Parlament, the University, ...
we will cross the bridge over the famous Danube River, passing by the Ferries Wheel of the Prater zone, stop at the Haus of the artist Hunderwasser and stop at the Belvedere Palace
duration: 3 hours

Walking tour imperial

We walk around the imperial palace where the Habsburg ruled for about 600 years with 18 wings and 15 courtyards and gardens, around 3000 rooms, ...
if you wish, I will guide you in the imperial appartments, especially the storys around the empress Sisi, entrance to be paid extra ....
walk along the most expensive street, taking a glance to the imperial pastrys, further along the "Graben, ending at St Stefans Cathedral – the heart of town
duration ca. 2,- 3 hours

Walking tour medieval

old quaters around St Stefans Cathedral , little streets behind where Mozart was living, visiting the oldest still existing restaurant in the former greek quater, first University in the german speaking world, quater of the Jesuits, ....
duration ca. 2,5 hours

Individual walking tours

especially for smaller groups as your private guide.
I am reday to guide you in a very personal way as YOU wish to see this town – also off the beaten tourist tracks – like a visit of the jewish quater or the golden quater or just a mixture of everything!
Duration ca. 2,5 hours

Visit of the former summer residence of the Habsburg: Schönbrunn

I will reserve the entrance for you so you dont have to stay in line and I will guide you around the imperial rooms and the garden entranc to be paid extra

Vienna by bicycle

One of the best ways to see a lot in a short time is by bicycle!
We are cycling along the Ringstreet with many stops and explanations, drive along little streets in the heart of town , where no bus can reach, till we stop at Sanct Stefans Cathedral. Then we drive along the small Danube till Hundertwasserhaus, having a little coffebreak and then back along Stadtpark with the monument of Johann Strauss, king of waltz, and the last stop at Karlskirche on Karlsplatz.
Also here for small groupes up to maximum 10 people I will be your privat bicycle guide with an individual program
duration 3 hours

Vienna a city with a lot of history and culture, tradition and modern life stile is waiting for you! I can be your very private guide! As I am travelling very much to asian countries, groups from Asia VERY welcome !!!